My Initial Thoughts on the 2014 Open GA senate seat

The news that Saxby Chambliss is not going to run creates an opening for Georgia Democrats to rebuild the party even if we don’t take the seat.  Here are a few initial thoughts:

  1. Progressives should campaign vigorously for the Democratic candidate unless it’s someone truly awful.  The party is in disarray, and this is a chance to not only rebuild, but to rebuild with progressives positioned well within the party.
  2. In the primary, we should not accept a consensus blue dog, neither should we go for broke.  The candidate needs to be moderately progressive.  We don’t have to settle for a blue dog, and in fact it would not energize the progressives needed to build a ground game.  On the other hand we have to choose a candidate who can make a good run for middle class votes.
  3. Even a close election could shift the momentum to the Democrats, and energize the party for future races.  Anything over 47% is really a win in my view.
  4. We should campaign in all 159 counties.  Concentrating on seven or eight counties would be as bad as not having a candidate.
  5. Ground game, ground game, ground game.  We should start nowwith voter registration, GOTV, and building contact lists.

This is an excellent chance to resurrect the Democratic Party of Georgia.  The likelihood of the GOP picking a lunatic in their primary is high, but it’ll do us no good if we don’t do the work.