attempts to gerrymander electoral college are crazily dangerous

I’m going to keep this post short because the implications are so glaringly obvious that there isn’t a lot to say.

The plans being floated from within the RNC to gerrymander the electoral college so that only the white vote really counts in presidential elections are insanely dangerous.  It’s a reaction to the fact that the GOP has lost the popular vote in five of the past six presidential elections, and that the reason for this is the increase in minority voting strength.

The scheme is to convert the allocation of electoral votes in states which vote blue in presidential elections but which currently have GOP control at the state level by proportion rather than winner-take-all.  If the proposal were to do this in all states it might be worth considering.  But the net effect of only doing it in blue states is that in states like Georgia and Texas, which have large minority populations but which vote red in presidential elections, all votes would be allocated to the GOP.  In states like Ohio and Wisconsin, which often vote blue, the votes would be split.

This means that the likelihood of the loser of the popular vote winning the electoral vote increases dramatically, and that the winner will nearly always be the GOP.  It also means that the vote of an African-American or Hispanic citizen counts less than that of a white citizen.

I find it hard to believe that the GOP is proposing this when they are already having problems attracting minority voters, and it’s also hard to believe that any serious state government would attempt to implement the plan.  But I’ve seen some pretty foolish things done by the GOP lately, so this makes me apprehensive.

This is so clearly a racist proposal that the implications for the stability of the electoral system as the percentage of minority voters increases are dire.  I genuinely hope that the GOP has not gotten that stupid.